ComingofAge: The “golfing grannies” waddle their way across 8th Street on Saturday during the Outlaw Josie Pete’s Golf Tournament. Photo by Jennaye Derge


Heaven sent
Purgatory’s serendipitous season hits one little snag

by Tracy Chamberlin

It just might be heaven in Purgatory. With plenty of snow thanks to El Niño, the resort’s 50th anniversary weekend ahead and an appearance in the 50th Super Bowl by the local team, it all seems to be coming together for the resort’s new more


Mind your own beeswax
Groups offer budding beekeepers chance to earn their wings

by  Missy Votel

The groundhog may have seen his shadow, signaling six more weeks of winter. But for at least one group of local residents, beekeepers, early February is not the time to burrow back into their holes until the snow melts. Rather, you could say these folks are fairly buzzing with anticipation that not only will the snow melt (it will), but spring – in all its sunny and floral splendor – will be here before you know it (promise.). more


What it means to be lucky

by Jarrod Regan

It was a slightly uncomfortable situation for me at the Durango Discovery Museum. It was the second Saturday in February 2013, and I was surrounded by hundreds of close friends of Peter Carver. They had paraded down Main Avenue and packed the museum beyond capacity to mourn the death of their friend and to celebrate his profound yet tragically short life. I almost felt ashamed to be around all these people who had shared so many adventures and had forged such a strong bond with Peter. I didn’t belong there. I wasn’t a close friend. I didn’t have any fond memories to share. I hadn’t experienced any of the adventures that made Peter such a unique individual. I was only lucky enough to have met him one week more


Mountain Exchange

Locals discount card gets no traction | Moto-snowbiking next, big thing? | New resort crosses a big more


The Pole

Ear to the Ground | Rollin’ a fattie more

Day in the Life: That was fun...
Remembering Snowdown
by Jennaye Derge


Ask the Diver: Joey from Velorution Cycles

Interesting Facts: Despite being on the market for three weeks, Velorution’s old location on Main isn’t yet a weed shop or T-shirt store.



Flash in the Pan: Seaweed: Salvation & salivation

by Ari LeVaux

Twelve years ago, in Seoul, Korea, I discovered the ancestors of the packaged seaweed snacks that today’s hip kids have in their lunchboxes. In the duty-free shopping zone, I wandered into a seaweed shop. .... read more


Top Shelf: A wild game, Strater double date & Motown Sound

by Chris Aaland

Super Bowl 50 is finally upon us. At 4:30 p.m. Sunday, the wait will finally be over. Hopefully at 4:32 p.m., we won’t have to watch a snap sail past Peyton Manning for a safety like last time.
The optimist in me says this year will be different. Defense wins championships, and the Broncos have the best in the league. The pessimist in me sees #1 in a black Carolina Panthers jersey. Enough said. more




La Vida Local: Passing the torch

by Luke Mehall

Let me start off by saying how much I enjoyed last week’s “La Vida” by Burt Baldwin. When I was asked to forego my usual slot so a guest contributor could share a story about his old friend Ed Abbey, I was happy to oblige. I’m a student of Abbey’s, and to picture him hanging out for a book presentation at Maria’s followed by a couple beers at a local bar makes him even more real to me... read more



Haiku Movie Review: 'Daddy’s Home'

by Lainie Maxson


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