LateBloomer: Wildflowers begin to pop their heads out from the last vestiges of winter in the meadow below Engineer Mountain./Photo by Jennaye Derge


Party of two
Local celebration in sync with high court’s historic decision

by Tracy Chamberlin

The moment the decision came down from the high court, hundreds of bystanders waiting just outside the U.S. Supreme Court erupted in celebration.

Going gnome
Durango couple introduces locally based children’s book

by Stew Mosberg   

Walk along Durango’s Third Avenue, look down at a few tree trunks, and you might discover tiny doorways suggesting a miniature world below the fashionable street. Hobbits, faeries, leprechauns and gnomes all come to mind, leaving a smile on one’s face before going about his or her business.

Summer Fever

by Jennaye Derge




Ask the diver:
Gerg Murphy



Top Shelf: Sharing the joy, the Fourth and Leftover Cuties
by Chris Aaland

I cried Friday: tears of joy for family and friends who were treated like second class citizens for their entire lives; tears of rage for the hate-mongering that has engulfed this great nation for my entire life; and tears of fear for the great unknown.

Haiku movie review: ‘Cake’
by Lainie Maxson


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