HoppingaWheelie: The carrot keeps a safe distance from the bunny during last Sunday’s cruiser crit in downtown Durango /Photo by Jennaye Derge


Garden Share raises funds to give low-income families fresh food

by Missy Votel

For many perusing the array of fresh produce at the grocery store or farmers market, cost is toward the bottom of the list of concerns. Freshness and ability to utilize said produce before it goes bad at the back of the crisper drawer – sure. But being able to pay for that bag of fresh spinach typically does not enter most shoppers’ minds.

Fueling the dream
Community steps up to support 90-day rowing trip across Atlantic

by Tracy Chamberlin

One week ago, two men in a row boat set out from a harbor in New York City. If all goes as planned, in less than three months, they’ll make their way across the Atlantic Ocean to London. And the only thing fueling that journey is the people of Durango.

Hot Wheels

by Jennaye Derge




Ask the diver:
Mrs. Wildcat



Top Shelf: Dream teams, River Days and Bar D Wranglers
by Chris Aaland

We live in special times as basketball fans. While I’m more glued to my tube for the Stanley Cup playoffs, I find myself switching back and forth to watch greatness unveil itself on a regular basis.


Haiku movie review: ‘Jimi: All Is by My Side’
by Lainie Maxson


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