HighFidelity: Colorful vinyl adorns the front door of Random Records. Saturday is Record Store Day, a time to celebrate indie record stores and the lost art of liner notes, turn tables and obscure B sides. For more on Record Store Day, see “Day in the Life,” p. 12-13./Photo by Steve Eginoire


Down and Dirty
Local nonprofit makes a difference one radio spot at a time

by Tracy Chamberlin

Good Dirt Radio found a way to save the world – in just five minutes. For the past 10 years, the nonprofit based in Durango has created about 130 five-minute spots that offer small and simple solutions to big environmental problems. ...read more


All aboard
SUP Girls Durango brings purpose to paddling pastime

by Page Buono

According to SUP magazine, the vast majority of stand up paddleboarders reside on either the West or East Coast. But don’t tell that to Durango, where the sport has boomed in recent years, rivaling even kayaking for preferred mode of river recreation.....read more


Day in the life: Wax On

by Steve Eginoire
Everyone knows vinyl sounds better.....read more

La Vida Local: Ghost consumers
by David Feela

I was rejected by Capital One, the credit card that wants to know “what’s in your wallet?” An agency the company uses to assess cardholders’ risks reported I was deceased. ... read more


Top Shelf: Sir Mix-A-Lot, Music from the Big House & suck it, iTunes
by Chris Aaland



Haiku movie review: "Avenue Q"
by Lainie Maxson


Diver:  Puddin’ from Surya Health and Wellness

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