RoadRules: A sign behind the infamous “Blue House” on 13th Street offers a friendly – and colorful – reminder to share the road./Photo by Jennaye Derge


Rain on the parade
Iron Horse organizers at the mercy of Mother Nature

by Tracy Chamberlin

More than four decades ago two brothers, one on his bicycle and the other on the train, raced up the mountain to Silverton to see which was faster – man or machine. This year those participating in the event spawned from that brotherly battle are more likely to be racing Mother Nature.


Durango’s Karma
Nepali transplant helps pick up pieces in quake’s wake

by Jen Reeder

On April 25, Karma Bhotia was having lunch with friends in the eastern region of Nepal after a visit with his mother in India when an earthquake shook the house. “It was really long – about 12 seconds,” Karma said. “The house was moving and shaking and waving.”

Crouching tiger
Local writer hits the big time with FOX series

by Ted Holteen

I’ll just say it. I told you so. In 2009, I was one of the first to review Blake Crouch’s third novel, Abandon, a time-traveling murder mystery set in the San Juan Mountains above Silverton. Here’s what I wrote as an introduction for Durango locals to their soon-to-be-celebrity neighbor: “Blake Crouch isn’t the first aspiring writer to leave the East Coast for the West with dreams of becoming a bona fide professional. What separates him from most is that he’s actually done it, and done it well.”

Gearing up

In celebration of Durango’s two-wheeled – more or less – steeds
by Jennaye Derge




Mountain Exchange: Building resiliency

Climate forum looks past prevention to adaptation
by Allen Best

Which type of extreme weather do you think causes the most deaths in the United States? Tornadoes? Floods? Lighting? None of the above, it turns out. “Extreme heat is responsible for more deaths in the United States than any other weather-related event,” points out a new report published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change, “and its frequency and intensity is expected to increase over this century.”


La Vida Local: A Wrinkle in Prime
by Zach Hively

In case you have before never questioned my sanity, I am riding in the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic this weekend. The purpose of this event is to pedal—using one’s own legpower—over two toes of the Rocky Mountains. The spirit of the event is to do so without hitching a ride or horking on the other participants.


Ask the diver:
Joey from Velorution Cycles



Top Shelf: B.B., bikes and beer
by Chris Aaland

Two careers. Children. A busy schedule of long bus rides and redeye flights. Lots of us juggle similar duties, but not like Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy.


Haiku movie review: ‘No No: A Dockumentary’
by Lainie Maxson


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