Flipping the switch
Powerhouse prepares to reopen to power-hungry community

by Tracy Chamberlin

Back in May, the Powerhouse Science Center was suddenly gone. The local children’s museum didn’t vanish overnight, but unexpectedly became an unusable relic, much like the historic 1890s power plant it brought back to life in 2011.

‘Bone there, done that’
Zuke’s founder starts second act with Inhabit

by Jen Reeder   

There’s a sense of calm in the River Room at Inhabit as co-founders Patrick and Mindy Meiering lay meditation pillows on the hardwood floor. A schnauzer mix snuggles into one like a canine princess, while an older English pointer basks in the sunlight streaming through the floor to ceiling windows. Outside, the Animas River flows past pink-blossomed trees.

Coming Clean

by Jennaye Derge




Ask the diver:
Bradley Abeyta



Top Shelf: Taking down the Stars & Bars and J.P. Harris
by Chris Aaland

I’m a child of the South. While I was born in Colorado Springs, I spent my formative years near Houston in the swampy suburbs of Pasadena and Bay Town. Some of my earliest memories are of kindergarten and first grade teachers correcting my speech because it wasn’t Southern enough.


Haiku movie review: ‘Nightcrawler’
by Lainie Maxson


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