GimmeShelter: Taste of Durango revelers seem more than content to wait out Sunday’s hailstorm, drinks in hand./Photo by Jennaye Derge


Lower Dolores spill delayed till early June


Feel the learn

Summer as good a time as any to exercise the ol’ – and young – gray matter
by Joy Martin

As the last bell of the semester rings and graded papers fly across the lawn, the sound of gleeful whooping escapes bodies fleeing brick buildings to bike off into the first sunny afternoon of freedom. more


The Moth meets The Raven

Local storytellers bravely take flight for a night in the spotlight
by Luke Mehall

It was a story about the wolf re-introduction in Yellowstone that wholeheartedly confirmed Sarah Syverson’s notion that starting a local storytelling event was a good more



Day in the Life: Good to the last drop

Rain doesn’t deter crowds from getting their eat and drink on at annual Taste of Durango
by Jennaye Derge


Mountain Exchange

Aspen chews on permitting THC jerky | Vail Resorts tries to trademark Park City | Two of our deep lakes and their issues more


The Pole: Getting Snagged

In case you’ve been out of the swim,  the on-again off-again forecast for  Dolores River is back on – at least for now. According to the latest from the Dolores Water Conservancy District, posted on its website Monday, heavy precipitation coupled with a slow start to the irrigation season has McPhee on track for a short but sweet more


La Vida Local: Stroking my Wookiee

by Zach Hively

When I adopted a dog four months ago, I vowed to myself that not every future column would be about him, because I am a well-rounded individual with diverse other interests to write about. For starters: I love taking walks with my dog, going to the dog park, and snapping photographs for my in-progress art series, called Portraits of My Dog. But, once in a great while, I feel entitled to write about Wally, which (to answer his #1 fan mail question) is definitively short for Wallace. Today, I’d like to address his #3 fan mail more


Top Shelf: Goodbye Guy, Aesop and shimmy mob

by Chris Aaland

Guy Clark was the real deal. He was as rough as the West Texas landscape he was born into in 1941. The best writers focus on subjects they know most about, and Guy’s songs were everyday slices of life … if your life included tobacco spit, cheap whiskey, whores and sons of more


Flash in the Pan: Greens genes

Genetics, not media hype, may determine what diet is best for you

by Ari LeVaux

Different diets work for different people. That is one of the primary takeaways from a fascinating new study at Cornell University, which showed how human genetics customize to specific diets over generations, optimizing the body for the metabolism of certain foods. Unfortunately, that message didn’t reach as many people as it could have, thanks to the way many media outlets handled it. more



Ask the Diver: Susan Lee

Interesting fact: This is the first time the Diver has been done by consulting the I Ching/Yi Jing/Book of Changes, an ancient Chinese book of divination.



Haiku Movie Review: 'Mad Max: Fury Road'
by Lainie Maxson


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