The “strawberry moon” rises through the clouds over the Four Corners on Monday, the summer solstice. It was the first time the full moon coincided with the solstice since 1948./Photo by Jennaye Derge


Goodbye waive

In wake of recent ruling, LPEA to advise against controversial waiver
by Tracy Chamberlin 

Even though they were waiting for it, they never saw it coming. One day after La Plata Electric Association’s Board of Directors took the wait-and-see approach on a controversial waiver issue, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced a decision that completely changed the game...read more


Hitting it big

Local talent lands a dozen awards from BroadwayWorld
by Stew Mosberg

When it comes to amenities, from restaurants to recreation, Durango enjoys an embarrassment of riches. And now, there’s one more thing to add to the list: theatrical accolades...read more


Day in the Life: Going coastal

Heading West on the classic American roadtrip

by Jennaye Derge


Mountain Exchange

Re-establishing wolves in Colorado | San Miguel to resemble its old self | Granby buys Orvis Shorefox property ..read more


The Pole: Ride on!

Durango Clean Commute Week rolls out in style today with a tribute to one of the community’s forefathers of multi-modal transportation, Paul Wilbert. A longtime resident and landscape architect, Wilbert was a member of the Multi Modal and Transit Advisory boards for more than a decade. He passed away suddenly in March at the age of 60. ...read more


La Vida Local: You can call me Lube

by Luke Mehall

She was my first love, and she slipped away. I know exactly when it was. You know those moments when everything is coming together? You see your life shaping up. Then something happens, a downward spiral. We went our separate ways; I went to Durango and figured I’d never create with her again...read more


Top Shelf: 3 Springsapalooza, MazzFest & best of Bluegrass
by Chris Aaland

We came. We saw. And the high-altitude heat kicked our asses. The 43rd annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival rolled through Town Park last week with nary a raindrop. Beer flowed. Water flowed. And the nonstop music flowed. On the drive home from my 20th straight Telluride, I bid spring goodbye....read more


Flash in the Pan: The chicory project

by Ari LeVaux

At an airport salad bar in Rome, recently, I filled a plate with leaves. It was a basic cafeteria salad bar, one that in the U.S. would probably be dominated by a large bin of iceberg lettuce laced with carrot shavings...read more


Haiku Movie Review: 'Vacation'
by Lainie Maxson


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