TheView: A sign post in Sand Canyon, located in Canyons of the Ancients Monument just outside Cortez, gives alert hikers directions to a scenic moment. For more photos of Sand Canyon, see “Day in the Life."/Photo by Jennaye Derge

Picking up steam
STEAM Park supporters fueled by vision, public sentiment

by Stew Mosberg

The idea for an riverfront cultural center in Durango started with the vision of one person. By her own admission, local artist Carol Salomon, who originally planted the seeds for Durango’s proposed STEAM Park, is “very much” a lover of the arts. “There would be a void in all our lives if there was no music, theater or art,” she posits. ... read more

Ballot busters
Four vie for council seats; City asks voters to renew parks and rec tax

by Tracy Chamberlin

It’s decision time in Durango. With four candidates, two open seats and one question on the April ballot, the choice voters make this election cycle will shape City Council and Parks and Recreation projects for years to come. read more

Happy campers
Local scouts still find relevance in 100-year-old organization

by Philip Wiley

Gay haters. Destroyers of the environment. Boy Scouts. We’ve all heard these terms slung around, but recently, they often occur in the same sentence. The goal of the Boy Scouts of America, according to the organization’s website, is to provide “… a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.” But how well is this goal fulfilled? After all, in some circles, scouts have gained the aforementioned reputations. Just how relevant are these and other similar lessons of the 100-plus-year-old organization in modern society?. read more

Sands of Time
Are bears living in our home, or are we living in theirs? It’s a common wildlife conundrum that drove a group of researchers and reporters to a nearby bear hibernation den last Friday morning.

by Jennaye Derge

La Vida Local: The gold standard
by David Feela

There were no other campers in sight, which partly explains why I could not figure out how the campground was arranged. It was also dark, which added to the mystery. I was just a young man strapped for cash, arriving very late and intending to leave very, very early. A soft, sandy patch of dry ground near a small stream made a perfect mattress. A soothing trickle of water played like streaming music. I listened to it until I fell asleep ... read more


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Top Shelf: Hall pass, busted brackets and music revivals
by Chris Aaland

TWho says spring break is a light week of entertainment here in D-Town? While Shelly, Otto and Rosie travel to New Jersey, I’ll be here taking care of business … which, as a columnist, includes well-deserved time at the bars and music halls. I can expense some of this, after all...  read more

Flash in the Pan: A crypto-Jewish Passover
by Ari Levaux

While dining at a Mexican restaurant in Albuquerque, I was shocked to eat something that reminded of my mom’s East Coast Jewish cooking. I had taken a chance on a bowl of meatball soup called albóndigas, as it was a dish I’d never heard of and I was feeling adventurous. I was delivered a bowl of mildly aromatic broth with chunks of carrot, celery, zucchini and a single large beef meatball. My first bite of that meatball, the albóndiga as it were, transported me back to the Jewish holidays..  read more


Haiku movie review: "Birdman"
by Lainie Maxson


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