GettingaGrip: Matt Hill reaches his way up a rock face near Vallecito Reservoir recently­­­­./Photo by Jennaye Derge


Tweaking the recipe
State makes adjustments to retail marijuana rules after first year

by Tracy Chamberlin

It came as a surprise to many just how popular the brownie might be – or the cookie, the soda and the gummies. Marijuana-infused edible products almost outsold marijuana in the retail industry’s first year, gobbling up more than 40 percent of the marketplace.

On a roll
‘State of the Skate’ group on mission to clean up skate park

by Missy Votel

It’s been eight years since the City of Durango unveiled its new $1.2 million skate park, and the popular local attraction is looking a little worse for the wear.

Oh, the places you’ll go
Local inventor takes new approach to design, business and ambition

by Missy Votel

At first, he just wanted to figure it out. An instinctive drive to tinker with toys, find out how they worked, and then put them back together.

Strike a Pose

by Jennaye Derge


La Vida Local: Mightier than the pen
by Luke Mehall

I always think I’ll write about something else, but these stories keep happening. Then I realize that is the channel for which I have been created, and there is no sense in trying to deny my life’s path. You’ve got to go with life’s flow. So here we go, back on the road, back to the desert.


Ask the diver:
Collin O’Brien from Ski Barn



Top Shelf: Rebecca, Martha & Peggy Sue
by Chris Aaland

Spring is in the air: sneezes abound, Mexican Logger flows freely and the sound of banjos fills the air. The Durango Bluegrass Meltdown turns 21 this year, with one of its strongest lineups ever.


Flash in the Pan: Dying for diet pills
by Ari Levaux

Americans spend about $33 billion a year on dietary supplements, many of which promise things like weight loss, enhanced cognitive function and increased muscle mass. According to Dr. Pieter Cohen, a practicing MD and professor at Harvard University, supplements purporting such benefits –in particular weight-loss pills – can largely be divided into two categories: those that work and those that are safe.


Haiku movie review: ‘The Princess Bride’
by Lainie Maxson


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