TurtlePower: Durango Devo Junior rider Tyler Wood concentrates on his downhill stance during a session at Fort Lewis College on Tuesday evening./Photo by Jennaye Derge


Requiem for Eagles
Durango and Telluride choral groups prepare for world premier

by Stew Mosberg

It isn’t often that small mountain towns are the scene of world premier choral compositions. But, Oct. 9, Durango will host such an event as the Durango and Telluride choral societies join forces to present “Requiem for Eagles,” an original piece conceived by former conductor of the Telluride Choral Society, David Lingle. The piece will be performed at St. Columba Church, with another show slated for Sunday in Telluride....read more


Paper trail
Court’s decision pushes for full disclosure on Village at Wolf Creek

by Tracy Chamberlin

After three decades of debate, the U.S. Forest Service handed down a decision earlier this year that made it seem like the time had come to break out the shovels. But, the battle for the Village at Wolf Creek is far from over....read more


Unleashing family fun
Durango Family Dog Training teaches kids to train their pets

by Jen Reeder

It’s a Monday evening in Bodo Park, and class is in session outside Durango Dog College. An 11-year-old boy and his younger sister lead their cocker spaniel mix past an 11-year-old-girl asking her Labrador retriever to “sit.” Meanwhile, instructor Liz Feazell is helping a 10-year-old boy teach his puppy to touch his hand on command....read more

Day in the Life: Tykes on Bikes

by Jennaye Derge


Flash in the pan: Freezing a trashbag of the green stuff

by Ari LeVaux

Among hunters of deer and other large, tasty species of wild animal, a certain type of glory awaits those who fill their annual quota before the season ends. The hunter who has “tagged out,” as it were, has thus used all of his/her available permits, aka tags, and has no choice but to call it good for the season, recline by the fire and sip hot cocoa in stockinged feet. To the fisherman, a comparable level of success is attained when one’s daily limit has been landed.... read more


Top Shelf: Sexton, Dustbowl Revival and getting the Led out

by Chris Aaland

Sunday’s jaunt into the San Juans taught young Otto a lesson or two about paying attention to every step. Up near the headwaters of Lime Creek on one of our usual grouse hunting/trout fishing adventures, we came upon the wreckage of an antique car at the bottom of a scree slope. The rocks were wet, as rains come daily to the San Juans this time of year. And, of course, 8-year-old boys prance around like, well, 8-year-old boys...read more

La Vida Local: Home sweet home-away-from home

by Missy Votel

There comes a time in every outdoors person’s career when it becomes necessary to step it up a notch. Or in my case, two or three.... read more

Ask the diver: Deputy Dave


Haiku movie review: ‘The Green Inferno’
by Lainie Maxson


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