A slightly haggard Santa peers at passersby from a Main Avenue storefront, keeping tabs on who’s being good./Photo by Jennaye Derge


Durango celebrates Hermosa act
Salvation Army’s kettle funds programs other 11 months

by Missy Votel

It’s official. It’s been a long trip from drawing board to Oval Office, but the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act received presidential sign-off this week. read more

Mixing it up
Rock Lounge, city hosts UIAA mixed-climbing comp Dec. 30-31

by Stacy Falk

Georgia Witchel, 13, a student at Mountain Middle School, dreams of owning her own pair of ice axes some day. She’s been training with ice tools at the local rock gym up to three hours a day with the youth climbing club, a group that encourages members to also climb outdoors and attend friendly competitions. read more


Day in the life: Beers for Bolts
by Jennaye Derge
 read more



La Vida Local: The author with his hip-hop idol, The Grouch Heroes in our dope city
 Luke Mehall

So much of life is perspective. Some people are a downer, even to talk to for five minutes; the ones you turn your head from and avoid in the grocery store; those who are convinced that life is a bore, and everything is doomed. read more


Flash in the pan: Tasty, nontoxic tofu
by Ari Levaux

I’ll spare you the un-gory details, but it wasn’t the greatest hunting season for me this fall. I try to bag enough animals to satisfy all of my family’s meat needs, but this year I’ll be looking to purchase my proteins on the open market. Thus, I’ve been reacquainting myself with tofu. read more


Top Shelf: Bacchanal, Brothers Keeper and Bar D
by Chris Aaland

This is the two-week bacchanal end-o-year issue of the Durango Telegraph, giving staffers valuable time to do their last-minute shopping.  read more

Haiku movie review: ‘In A World...’
by Lainie Maxson


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