FlyingFish: Two salmon attempt a harrowing leap up a waterfall in Vallecito Creek recently. Fall is spawning season for the fish, which normally make their home in Vallecito Reservoir./Photo by Jennaye Derge


Road to ruin

In case you haven’t heard, the trip in and out of Horse Gulch became infinitely more technical over the weekend. Although we’re sure someone has tried to ride it, we’d strongly advise against it. more



Call of the wild
Fifty years after Wilderness Act passes, the fight to protect persists

by Tracy Chamberlin

It’s defined as much by permanence as it is by change. Landscapes meant to outlast humanity’s fickle nature also measure the impacts of an ever-changing more


A heroine’s journey
Victoria FittsMilgrim leads women on trips of self-discovery

by Stew Mosberg

Durango is a Mecca for physical fitness, offering an endless array of options from the great outdoors to cross fit gyms, yoga studios and personal more


Day in the life: Street Art

by Jennaye Derge


La Vida Local: Blue gold
by Stacy Falk

I encourage myself to try new things.And that doesn’t always mean going to extreme haunted houses in Ohio, seeing Lady Gaga in Puerto Rico or getting a random tattoo in Las Vegas (although I’ve done all those). It can be simple, like exploring a local art gallery I’ve walked past a hundred times. Or trying a new coffee shop or wearing a ridiculous she-wolf T-shirt in public.Recently, I found myself helping a friend sell jewelry at the annual Indian Market in Santa Fe. I couldn’t help feeling a little nervous in a setting so more

Top Shelf: Beer season’s victory lap and Getting the Led Out
by Chris Aaland


Flash in the Pan: A rat that you want in the kitchen
by  Ari Levaux
Ratatouille, the rustic French stew, is an icon of late summer and autumn. A simple mix of tomatoes, eggplant and summer squash prepared with herbs, garlic, onion and other veggies, ratatouille is the kind of bucolic dish that put French cuisine on the map.
Haiku movie review: ‘Adult World’
by Lainie Maxson


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