ColorWheels: A colorful assortment of bikes adorn a downtown bike rack recently./Photo by Steve Eginoire


Apples and oranges
Fruit gleaning program aims to reduce human-bear conflicts

by Tracy Chamberlin

An apple a day doesn’t quite do it. Bears need 20,000 calories each day in order to pack on the pounds before heading to their winter dens for hibernation. more


Winging it
Poundstone’s creative genius takes flight at Concert Hall

by Jaime Becktel

Talking with Paula Poundstone is a little like trying to keep up with a verbal ping pong match between Steven Colbert and Erma more


Day in the Life: Shakin' it
Whispers sometimes float around Durango of the lack of good live music...


La Vida Local: Rollie Fingers: marijuana and mustaches
by  Luke Mehall

This is far above the national average, and the prevalence of marijuana and mustaches in this community has reached a level where it must be addressed, starting with the mustache.

Top Shelf: A few of my favorite things
by Chris Aaland

Two things I love as much as sex and the Stanley Cup are green chile and beer. Fortunately, I can indulge in both this weekend.

Flash in the Pan: Tips on tipping
by  Ari Levaux

Amy Alkon (aka “The Advice Goddess”) writes a nationally syndicated advice column and is the author of the new book, Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes say F*ck (St. Martin’s Griffin). read more

Haiku movie review: ‘Bad Words’
by Lainie Maxson
Diver: Stoney Reynolds, of Three Peaks Deli

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