OntheEdge: The Disappointment Cliffs fail to live up to their name during a colorful sunset in the Indian Creek corridor Sunday night./Photo by Jennaye Derge


Cut from the team

Organic parks program could lose three, keep six
by Tracy Chamberlin

Three are out. Six remain. Out of the nine parks in the Organically Managed Lands Program, the city is proposing to remove three, saving Durango about $66,000 a year....read more


Conflict at the confluence
Indian tribes fighting ‘Escalade’ development in Grand Canyon

by Steve Eginoire

In a narrow gorge deeply inset along the south rim of the Grand Canyon, the Little Colorado River finds its way to the main artery of the Southwest, the mighty Colorado River. ..read more


Day in the life: High Country

Opinion sway when it comes to coming snow season: some welcome the fresh "pow" to "shred" on, others want just for aesthetics

by Jennaye Derge


La Vida Local: A hunting story
by David Feela

It’s an antique, this .22 caliber pump-action rifle, patented and manufactured by Febiger in New Orleans, 1909. For a decade it leaned shrouded by shadows against a corner of my closet, unloaded.


Top Shelf: Honky tonk, Americana and transvestites
by Chris Aaland

Tuesday marks mid-term Election Day and I’ll be glad when the campaign mudslinging is over. Television commercials shouldn’t piss you off, but this year’s batch sure does.

Haiku movie review: ‘Gone Girl’
by Lainie Maxson


The Diver: Willa from Animas Trading Co


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