SuperLocal: A Jeep parked downtown sports the vanity plate we all wish we would’ve thought of way back when./Photo by Jennaye Derge


Flight plan
Airport commission points way forward; city, county up next

by Tracy Chamberlin

It’s certainly not time to break out the shovels, but talks about updating the Durango-La Plata County Airport have moved from “everything’s on the table” to recommending a specific plan. read more

Snowdown Extreme
The athletic, and maybe even sober, side of Durango’s party week

by Joy Martin

Do you feel lost on the Steampunk theme? Or maybe you’re just tired of losing precious brain cells during Snowdown and would rather lose, oh, I don’t know, weight. read more


Day in the life: Calm before the Snowdown
by Jennaye Derge



La Vida Local: Seismic events
by David Feela

Ah, Yellowstone! Though I hadn’t been there since 1965, the excitement of having once visited such a treasure stays with me. The geyser, yeah, I saw that, and my father took pictures of me beside rocks and trees accented by various scenic panoramas. read more


Ask the diver:
Dan “Tuff Guy” Groth


Flash in the pan: Learning to accept the bitter truth
by Ari Levaux

A baby will put almost anything in its mouth, even a sour lemon, without flinching. But bitter foods are quickly ejected with a grimace. We are born with zero tolerance for bitterness, presumably because most toxins are bitter. read more


Top Shelf: Abney Park, strange brews and acrobats
by Chris Aaland

Yay! It’s Drunk Week in Durango. Snowdown is here, in all of its Steampunk glory. Durango Craft Spirits is finally open and has bottles of vodka and signature cocktails for sale. read more

Haiku movie review: ‘The Interview’
by Lainie Maxson


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