La Plata County is far from a metropolitan mecca of music and entertainment. However, Durango is graced with several world-class music stores. From handcrafted mandolins and guitars to every dreamer's drum set, there is always a smiling face behind the counter to lend a helping hand to both the seasoned veteran and the rhythm-less beginner. With sales, support and education available at a variety of
stores, there is no excuse to put off the New Year's resolution of picking up a new instrument and revealing your inner rock star.

Drum sticks protrude from their cubby holes at Katzin Music.

A Gibson resophonic sparkles at Canyon Music Woodworks.

A guitar relaxes with the Bandwagon Music autograph collection on Tuesday.
Ian Kelley prepares to restring a guitar at Canyon Music Woodworks Tuesday afternoon.
Calvin Minich plays the guitar at Katzin Music as Harmony Rose accompanies with vocals.
Emma Caudill concentrates on her lesson as Richard White instructs her at Katzin Music Monday afternoon.
Trays of guitar pics rest on the counter at Bandwagon Music early this week.
A well-used banjo stands in contrast to a line of new cases at Shoreline Music early this week.





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