The Durango Farmers Market kicked off its 24-week season at 8 a.m. last Saturday with huge crowds and perfect weather. Weak and malnourished after the long winter, locals happily cleaned out nearly every farm of its produce, meat, and cheese. Supporting the Farmers Market not only strengthens local farms, it also strengthens the community. And besides that, it is the best food you could possibly put into your body, period. So help yourself and the community: support local foods.

R.A.S. Farms displays its freshly-plucked radishes at Saturdays
market. Maggie Fuller spreads the love and posters around the Farmers
Market on Saturday. Dan James, of James Ranch, slices off some cheese samples for a
hungry bunch. David Travieso, owner of Peacetree Organics, busily bags up some
greens for a customer. Annies Orphans, offering pet adoption services, proved to be a
popular stand on Saturday. This brother and sister probably got
more attention than most farmers.