2A will hurt low-income people

To the editor,

If you want to make Durango more unaffordable for those on fixed incomes (elderly, disabled) and people making low wages and struggling financially, then vote yes for the proposed city tax increase. If ensuring that all Durangoans can afford to live here for the next few decades is important, reject this excessive and unnecessary tax increase.

The $250-$300 million tax proposal would continue for 25 years. While the council cited the initial property tax increase of $153/year for a $400,000 home, property taxes will increase over 25 years as housing values increase. Increases will be passed on in higher rents and for those on fixed incomes, difficult choices about what to buy. Personal money spent on sales taxes increases as the price of goods increases. While the wealthy can handle these increases, low income folks will struggle. This tax increase is not just about public safety and streets and side walk repair. The council/city manager have numerous capital improvement projects including a new city hall. Ensuring that all people can live in Durango takes priority over the new buildings the city wants to build and supplementing operating expenses, which now includes significant fat. The city’s responsibility to manage within the current revenue stream by reducing expenses if revenues drop before suggesting new taxes is their moral and civic duty.

Citizens have suggested how the city can live within their budget without this excessive new tax but the council has chosen not to listen. Perhaps the next council will.

– Mike Todt, Durango