9-R candidates hide agenda

There is an ultra-conservative movement around the country to take over local school boards. The movement is fueled by anger over mask mandates as well as a belief in a crackpot conspiracy theory that public schools are somehow teaching white children to hate themselves. In some school districts these conservative candidates are open about their beliefs. In districts where such extreme views are not supported by the general public, these candidates are not so forthcoming.

Here in Durango, there is a slate of conservative candidates – Donna Gulec, Richard Hill and Kristina Paslay – who fall into the not-so-forthcoming category. All three candidates have a single website and advertise their names on the same yard sign. While they have been careful so far not to share their opinions regarding vaccinations, mask mandates and education-related conspiracy theories, their orientation is not difficult to discern.

For one, they are supported by the same people who disrupted recent school board meetings with their uncivil behavior and their refusal to wear masks. For another, their registered agent for campaign reporting was the former campaign manager for Lauren Boebert.

Citizens running for office should be applauded for their willingness to serve but not if they are running on a hidden agenda. All three of these conservative-slate candidates should let the voters know what their opinions truly are. They should inform the voters of their real reasons for running. The 9-R School Board election is Nov. 2. It is more important than ever that people turn out to vote and they know as much as possible about the people for whom they are voting. 

– Herb Bowman, Durango