9-R thrives despite cuts

Colorado’s woeful underfunding of our public schools, due mainly to the restrictions of the Tabor amendment, has had harmful effects across the state’s educational system, weakening the ability to provide our students with the quality education and opportunities they need to succeed. Our state ranks last in the nation in providing teachers a competitive wage, and 45th in the percentage of taxable resources spent on education.

Ultimately, we need to fix Colorado’s broken funding system, but Durango High School still has an impressive graduation rate of 92.3%. Our incumbent school board members, Erika Brown and Andrea Parmenter, helped lead the effort to pass Durango’s 2020 school bond, helping to fill the funding gap, and worked to hire our new superintendent. Both believe investing in a great public school education for all our students is the right thing to do because every dollar invested in our students provides them with the promise of better opportunities. These candidates will continue to advocate for better state funding and work to increase teacher pay.

Rick Petersen is a new candidate for the School Board but has been involved for years with Durango’s youth as a Scout leader. All three of these candidates have children currently enrolled in 9-R schools and so are invested in the schools’ success. These are the candidates endorsed by Durango teachers and support staff. Please take the time to turn in your 9-R ballot – the children are depending on you!

– Lora Fults, Durango