Soap Box

Religion: the root of a lot of evil

To the editor,

So, I’ve really been in need of a good anti-Trump rant for months now.

It’s usually very cathartic and somewhat satisfying, at least in the short term. But, I just don’t have the time. And to be honest, if the Telegraph printed all of it (and there’s a ton or material), they would have to print a second edition. No, today I’m spewing about organized religion. Also known as, the God Squad.

Just last week, we heard that the Catholic Church, once again, is responsible for the rape of young children and a subsequent cover up. As horrible as this is, this is no longer shocking or even newsworthy.

It’s common practice, and it’s tolerated. When was the last time you heard about a group of atheists (or even one) raping hundreds of children (or even one)? Or how about the state-sponsored terrorism perpetuated by Israel over the Palestinian people? Anyone familiar with the facts and history could honestly say this is clearly a case of slow-motion genocide, with Israel’s protector, the United States, standing by nodding with approval.

Even in this Banana Republic, the Religious Right has waged a successful campaign against common sense medical procedures and treatment for women all because apparently, their “beliefs” and “faith” trump (I intended that) necessary health care. Have you ever heard of an atheist or agnostic strapping a bomb to their chest and killing dozens of people in a market or shopping mall? All in the name of their “God?”

I’d like to finish with an obvious question. Is religion the cure or the disease? Boom.

– Bill Vana, Durango

Sheriff successful on many fronts

To the editor,

This letter is written with strong support of Sheriff Sean Smith’s re-election November 2018. Before Sheriff Smith’s 2014 election, La Plata County “Expected More,” and we have gotten much “More.”

In a recent letter to the editor (Durango Herald, July 27) the writer claimed that Sheriff Smith has been a “failure.” I take strong and factual exception to this claim. Just to mention a few of Sheriff Smith’s accomplishments: saved the county $2 million over three years; brought in $750,000 in new revenue; acquired over $250,000 worth of emergency equipment at no cost (he entered the office with no available ATV’s); added second School Safety Officer; created cooperative Special Operations Team with regional policing and protection leaders; designed and implemented digital management and procedural systems; modernized electronics, jail control rooms and patrol cars; increased visibility and engagement with county citizenry; AND, in this case, “et cetera” is a key word. www.reelectsean

– Kathleen Adams, Durango

A new use for firefighter signs

To the editor,

After reading a recent letter in the “Ask Rachel” column from a reader who was concerned about what should be done with the “Thank you firefighters” signs that have been seen all over town, I wanted to offer a suggestion. The 30th anniversary of the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering takes place Oct. 4-7. The Cowboy Parade will be held at 10 a.m. Sat., Oct. 6. The day begins at 7:30 a.m. with a chuckwagon breakfast in the parking lot at 5th and Main. Our special guests will be the Durango firefighters and local emergency personnel. We would like to encourage everyone to come to the parade, bring a sign or banner, and let these phenomenal men and women know how much we appreciate their efforts in protecting our community. Please visit our website for more information.

– Pam Jacobs, Cowboy Gathering Parade coordinator

Who's the real dog?

To the editor,

My late golden retriever would never call Trump a human. He was too smart a dog. Dogs are an excellent judge of character, and Trump knows they don’t like him.

Rest in peace, Buddy. We miss you.

– Gifford Holt, Durango

How to dance your troubles away

To the editor,

A waltz-dancing cowboy pal taught me the “Boogie-down-Two-Step Twirl-Around Rock and Roll Forever” joy of life dance. As a realistic optimist, I found this to be a delightful joy of life experience. Anyone can make up their own version so just try it out and forget your troubles.

– Veryl Rosenbaum, Ignacio