Soap Box

Unger will protect our health

To the editor,

Clean air, pure water and healthy soil to grow our food. These are the essential elements of life on Earth that  we literally cannot live without. While our short-term financial and material interests may lead us to short-term thinking of what is most important, you cannot live a healthy life without these essential elements and neither can your children and grandchildren.

We have a remarkable, highly qualified candidate for state senate in Guinn Unger. His advocacy for renewables as a director at La Plata Electric Association is clear evidence of his willingness and ability to think long term about solutions that will protect the environment in which we live. I have personally worked with Guinn to study and promote ideas to change our current healthcare system, which is another critical element for creating and sustaining health for all, not just for those who can afford exorbitant health insurance premiums and escalating drug costs.

We are way past due on implementing a Medicare for All type of system as most developed countries have already successfully accomplished. We need Guinn in the Senate to help pass bills that will protect our environment and promote health for all over profit. Please give Guinn your vote this November.

– Lauren Patterson, Durango

Vote Diane for people, not profits

To the editor,

We are fortunate in Colorado that our government makes it easy to vote – by mail or drop-off box. Please exercise your right as a responsible citizen. The upcoming election is critical! Aren’t you sick of having a dysfunctional, polarized congress and a so-called “representative” who listens to his big corporate donors instead of you and your fellow constituents? Who voted to increase the federal debt by $1.9 trillion to give tax breaks to the wealthy? Who sponsored and passed a bill to clear-cut 30,000-acre swaths of our forest in the name of “fire prevention?” Who repeatedly voted to make health insurance less available to you and your family? Who voted to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (is he representing Alaskans or Coloradoans)?

It’s time that CD3 replace Scott Tipton with a real representative. One who has pledged to not take any corporate PAC money. Who has a proven record of working “across the aisle” to enact practical, scientifically sound legislation. Who listens to and works for the people, not corporations. If you care about our environment, our health and our runaway federal debt, don’t sit out this election. Your vote is important! Vote for Diane Mitsch-Bush to represent CD3.

– Eilene Lyon, Durango

Smith good guy, not good ol' boy

To the editor,

“I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy.” The Eric Clapton song seems to be the refrain of Charles Hamby and his posse of rhetorical assassins bent on lobbing lies and distortions in the direction of Sheriff Sean Smith. Personal attacks are the refuge of those lacking ideas and vision. Not so incidentally those attacks shoot the deputy. Attacking the head damages the body of good folks who work for the department. The La Plata County Sheriff’s Office is made up of folks doing a difficult and often thankless job, well. Morale is high, as is performance, traits that trend from the top – Sean Smith. Ask anyone: citizens, inmates, deputies. All these folks will tell you that Sheriff Smith listens and works tirelessly to solve problems.

There is a new sheriff in town. There has been for a refreshing four years. This man is the epitome of integrity and service. Apparently, integrity and decency threaten some folks. Don’t fall for the propaganda. Sean Smith succeeded a man who held court in a pawn shop not a court of law. Sean is open to every citizen. He has transformed a moribund department and brought it into the 21st century. He has proactively managed our homeless problem while local officials sat on their hands.

Like my grandpappy used to say, ‘There’s two kinds of folks in the world: them’s that do, and them’s that complain about them’s that do.” Sean Smith is the one of them’s that do.

– Patrick Owens, Durango

Trump is saving us from fascists

To the editor,

Mr. Bill Vana (Sept. 20) just described the democrap party. I’ve never in my life heard such utter nonsense in from a progressive. He cites President Trump has lied 4,229 times but did not cite one single provable time. You’ve drunk the progressive kool-aid, Mr. Vana, falling for the old “Make America White Again” dis-information.

The President is not perfect, just like everyone of those politicians who claims and acts as if they were. I certainly do not agree with everything he does and says. However, I would rather he president than criminal Hillary any day of the year. And speaking of craven politicians who are in love with the power, lets mention corrupt folks like Diane Frankenstein, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and last but certainly not least the most corrupted person helping to run the Democratic plantation, Hillary.

All the politicians are corrupt and their only interest is to save the swamp the President is trying to drain in order to save the future of this country that has fallen into evil, despicable, fascist and racist lifelong politicians. Yes, the Democratic progressive left (alt-left) are the true racist fascists. Don’t believe me, then go do your homework before and you will see how they live by the rules for radicals. I’d start with reading The Big Lie and follow up with Death of a Nation.

Take for example the attack on Judge Kavannaugh. It is plainly obvious that everything they are doing is only because they do not want a man of his high regard sitting on the court, threatening the prevention of the alt-left’s agenda of controlling speech, taking our right to bear arms, and all the other rights that will follow once we lose the first two.

It is simply amazing that the anti-Trump crowd cannot recognize where this country is going because of things he has done so far to improve this terrific country. Instead, they just want to continue to build up the Democrat plantation, you know, the one where will be a slave under, and continue with the downfall of our great country.

I don’t even know why I am responding to Mr. Vana and all the other alternate reality-living liberal  progressives because I told myself a long time ago common sense and reality cannot be driven into their kind. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Please help find a cure by educating yourself on the facts and not the spin news of the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Fox, NPR, and all the other mainstream news. Seek out the truth for yourself instead of being brainwashed. The anti-Trump folks need to accept the validity of our duly elected President and live with it instead of trying to destroy this nation. Everything the alt-left is doing is considered sedition. If you don’t like the colors of our flag, then go find another flag to live under.

– Roger Stonefeld, Durango

Christian, female and pro-choice

To the Editor,

Commenting on Bill Vana’s letter to the editor (Telegraph, Sept. 20) he gives the very reason we do not need religion involved in our country’s politics. As a Christian my whole life, I cannot believe the “so called men of God” are backing an immoral, narcissistic, liar, con man, circus clown as our current president. Do you truly, in your heart, believe he is a Christian?

The abortion issue is the one and only reason they back him. May I ask these “men of God” what happened to “judge not,” compassion and forgiveness for the women who are facing one of the most difficult decisions they will ever have to make? These pastors have their congregations believing all women are using abortion as a birth control method ... which is as big a lie as our president tells when he says he believes in a God. His God is money and his daughter.

When a woman who is facing this decision and decides to go ahead with the procedure, these men are condemning her to a possible death sentence and the opportunity to later “repent,” as they so frequently spout in their sermons. The God I know will forgive them, and that child they aborted will nevertheless be in the arms of Jesus the moment his or her life is gone. More than likely it will be better than a life here on Earth, where who knows what would have happened to that little person. I’ve seen enough children who were abused and neglected to know their life is forever in chaos because they were unwanted.

I know I will hear a chorus of people saying “adoption”... well where are you, are you ready to give that baby a home, help out the mother in her hour of need or be there for a woman who has more than she can care for and a husband who is a terrible husband and father and will abuse this child?

Who will cast the first stone, step forward all who judge. Think about what Jesus meant when he
said, “Judge not lest you be judged.” Let them all step forward, cowards that they are, these men of God who are so against places like Planned Parenthood, which truly does try to give all the information for choices to these women. Step up, look your God in the eye, and explain to Him who loves these women as much or more than you, that your plan is to condemn them to death.

– Pat Akers, Bayfield