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Editor’s note: The following is in response to the Sept. 1 issue’s “Sign of the Downfall” (not an article) that made light of (did not endorse) New York state prohibiting the sale of the chargers used to dispense whipped cream to people 21 and under in an effort to curb the inhalation of nitrous oxide. To be clear, The Durango Telegraph officially does not endorse people doing whippets.

I am a criminal defense attorney and a libertarian, and I do not support outlawing canned whipped cream sales to people under 21. I think it’s stupid. I also think your article encouraging children to try huffing nitrous oxide from whipped cream cans is stupid. I had a teenage client die, just keel over and die, from huffing a can of air duster a couple years ago. When kids read articles like this, they are going to think it’s harmless. It’s not. It can kill you. Your article was horribly irresponsible.

– Marshall R. Sumrall, Durango

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