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Another windbag New York billionaire

The Durango Herald Editorial Board’s endorsement of Michael Bloomberg is just plain wrong on so many levels.

32nd St. bridge useless, expensive

During a Park & Rec meeting 2 weeks ago, it became very apparent that the large majority of Durango residents disapprove of the proposed 32nd Street bridge. Yet, the City, ignoring the cry of its citizens, is moving forward getting bids for the bridge, which is estimated to cost several millions of dollars. For what? Just to avoid crossing 32nd Street?

Rate change a forced 'choice'

I just finished reading the write up in Country Living magazine about the LPEA rate changes for peak hours coming in April.

Keeping holy the Black Sabbath

KDUR Radio at Fort Lewis College would like to extend a huge thank you to all the people and businesses that helped with the last Cover Night fundraiser. 

Jumping to bridge conclusions

A Jan. 22 article in the Herald, featuring an artist’s rendering of a proposed pedestrian bridge across the Animas River and 32nd Street, prompted a flood of emails to Durango City Council. One email in particular captured, for me, the frustration many residents are feeling. The text consisted of a single word, “Why?”