A bottomless pit of PC stupidity

Your reply to the thunderous response to the Chief cartoon was laughable in itself. The sign may be contemporaneously in poor taste having been installed in the Route 66 days of tourist schlock glory but that doesn’t condemn it to your condemnation. Let’s get rid of the teepees and arrows at the motel in Mancos. Abhorrent. Bob’s Big Boy must have been fat-shaming. Gotta go. Burger King’s tie to the colonial past must be slavery suspicious. Flame ‘em. McDonald’s arches clearly evoke women’s breasts. A mac-tectomy is in order. Strike up the intersectional band, march the ewoke armies, drop the platitudinous, multitudinous meme bombs. Of course your own logo evokes an era of railroads and coal so we’ll need to neuter that to protect Mother Earth. Oops how genderist of me. I meant to say non-binary Earth. Make your head hurt yet? Good.  Mine’s at migraine level from the bottomless pit of PC stupidity. I’d never join Qanon or the rest of the quackers but this insanity enlightens how those came about. And you of all people want to scalp the Chief?

– “Deranged in Durango,” Louis Jobe