A butt-ugly sidewalk situation

To the editor,
Walk on Main ... pass El Rancho, Mo’s ... and turn west past Joel’s and The Garage. Outside of each business on the city sidewalks − and just off the curbs in the streets − see scores of cigarette butts. Lots and lots of butts, tossed and left − where eventually they’ll go down the drains. Into the Animas River.
I’m asking these local businesses to please take better care and to help their tobacco-addicted customers dispose of their cigarette butts more responsibly. Surely it’s obvious, if you pause to think, that these nearly indestructible butt ends go into our river. If you operate a bar business, you know that many of your customers smoke, you know they step just outside your doors to do it. If you don’t provide your customers with a receptacle, you also know what they do with those cigarette butts.
C’mon, make it so: butts out, in an appropriate receptacle − not into the sidewalk or street − thanks.
− Susan Ulery, Durango