A commissioner all can work with

To the editor,

I really like Marsha Porter-Norton for La Plata County commissioner because she knows how to get along with people. I’ve known her for over 20 years, and one thing I’ve known for sure is that she’s honest, and we sure need that right now. She’s a fourth-generation Coloradan and comes from an agricultural background that gives her an appreciation for our farming and ranching roots. She’s worked in the nonprofit sector and realizes the importance of those organizations to the community members who are supported by them, and to our local economy. She’s run her own business as a community facilitator and has brought many divergent interests together to reach consensus. As a facilitator, she’s worked with governmental agencies, community groups and individuals, and has a talent for listening, synthesizing ideas and congenially bringing folks to compromise and agreement. She would be a county commissioner we could all work with!

– Deedee deHaro-Brown, Durango