A corporate assault on democracy

To the editor,

Political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica boasted of obtaining vast amounts of online information to psychographically profile individual voters and target each to favor or disfavor candidates or issues. Subsequently, they took credit for the Republican win of the Colorado Senate in 2014. In a secretly recorded meeting (“Behind closed doors,” Joel Dyer, Boulder Weekly, 7-28-16) Colorado Oil and Gas Association boasted of using the same techniques of psychoprofiling. They used the data to manipulate targeted voters, building a statewide database (using digital polling, mailings and phoning) of 3.9 million Colorado voters based on each’s opinion of fracking.

Employing similar techniques, industry boasts of electing industry-friendly city councils throughout Colorado – thus, they took credit for a 9-4 industry-favorable Denver City Council. Corporate dominance of our state and city governments represent direct assaults on democracy – oil and gas controlling our state, and investors/developers controlling Denver.

– Michele Swenson, Denver