A disgusting mess at Cascade

To the editor,

A tractor-trailer overturned and burned on the evening of Aug. 22 on Highway 550 at the hairpin turn over Cascade Creek. The fire department and hazmat teams responded very quickly to put out the fire and clean up the diesel spill from the trucks fuel tanks. The wrecked truck was removed about a week later. However, there is still a large pile of truck engine/body parts, charred tires and other junk sitting on the side of the road as of this writing. Why hasn’t this been cleaned up? The rainwater is starting to wash the junk into the creek. It would take about an hour with a front loader to scrape all the trash up and put it in a roll-off container. San Juan County and CDOT have really dropped the ball by leaving a disgusting mess next to such a beautiful creek.

– Garrett Quinn, Durango