A dynamic approach to leadership

To the editor,

Your vote for Marsha Porter Norton for LPC commissioner is a vote for a super smart, conscientious, thoughtful and ethical person with decades of experience partnering with local and regional folks who hold widely differing perspectives on critical issues. Because of Marsha’s skilled knowledge in how to bring us Dry Siders, townies and eastern/southern La Platans together for the common good, she is the best candidate. We need Marsha because she truly knows how to listen, hear and engage thoughtfully– no lip service with this woman.

Watching Marsha in action is wonderful. The management skills she has developed as a highly respected facilitator include pulling together a huge roomful of people and hearing everyone’s concerns, tactfully restating a rambling statement, asking for clarification and keeping participants on track by synthesizing complicated information into a cohesive whole. She is outstanding at the exact skills that a capable, ethical public servant needs.

As a program manager at the Durango Adult Education Center for years, and almost eight years on the Durango 9-R School Board, I understand the challenges of meeting competing vital needs in our community and the need to listen carefully to all stakeholders. You can count on Marsha to apply a dynamic approach to government and to work tirelessly to maintain the things about our county that we all love and appreciate, and to improve living conditions for both youngsters and elders. Please, for the sake of our common good, vote for Marsha Porter-Norton.

– Stephanie Moran, Durango