A few more haikus for yous

(Editors note: The following are in response to reader John Egan’s request last week for fellow Tele-ers to submit haikus in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Jenn Stewart answered the call, and then some. We are not sure if this was meant as one long haiku – a sort of haiku sonnet, if you will – or several short ones. All we know is, when this is over, we want to go to Jenn’s house for happy hour.)

Let’s start a new day:
toast and eggs with NPR,
coffee with cool swan,

hoping for sunshine,
instead a flurry of snow,
happy hour soon!

Who’s making dinner?
Negronis and some Coltrane,
soon it will be dark.

Yum, ice cold sherry.
I’ll fix dinner again dear,
how lucky are we.

Read a few stories,
thank the stars I have you here,
Hasta Manana.

It would be better
quarantined on Saturdays
with the Velvet Rut

– Jenn Stewart, Durango