A fond farewell to our super fan

To the editor (and my local friends),

This is partly business but mostly personal. It’s with a sad heart that I must cancel my mother, Ildiko Valeria Miesler’s, subscription to the Durango Telegraph since she passed away Saturday evening, Nov. 24. As the longest-running subscriber, the Durango Telegraph meant the world to her. From her Norman, Okla., home she read it with enthusiasm, often commenting or asking me about various stories, she loved the colorful covers, even mentioning this picture or that and wondering if it had caught my eye.

She was always impressed with the great variety of music being written about and played in our area. Especially the Music in the Mountains program. She was interested in their lineups, and we’d have had season’s passes had she been a local. In recent years, when her amazing health and mobility started diminishing and she could no longer get out with the casualness of her younger days, the Durango Telegraph took on an ever more central place in her life, a connection with a vibrant community and the beautiful mountains she loved from afar, not to mention her son.

Considering that it’s the holiday season, I think she would have happily approved of seeing the balance on her subscription going to the Durango Telegraph Christmas Party fund as a final thank you for all your dedication, effort and the love that goes into producing your excellent weekly.

– Peter Miesler, Durango

Editor’s note: Peter, we are sorry to hear of Ildiko’s passing. We thank you and her for your years of support and are glad we could provide a bright spot in her day. We will be sure to raise a glass to her at our annual holiday get together.