A modern sheriff for modern times

To the editor,

Being an effective 21st century sheriff takes more than a white hat and a big gun. It takes education, experience and vision.

Sean Smith has all three. With a B.A. in public safety administration and 20 plus years of experience in law enforcement locally and with the DOJ nationally, Sean has current, relevant knowledge and experience. Unlike his opponents, Sean’s experience includes management and leadership, vital for a $15 million public agency with 128 employees.

As a regionally recognized leader, Sean has strong connections and respect among community leaders. This respect and connectivity is vital for the S.O. to play a role in solving problems, like the homeless issue, rather than operating in isolation, which was the case when Sean took office four years ago.

Sean’s vision is to keep increasing the efficiency and professionalism he has instituted. His goal is to train the next generation of law enforcement professionals ensuring the S.O. stays responsive, modern and effective.

Don’t slide backwards to the 1880s. Re-elect Sean Smith to keep the most qualified, most proven, most trusted man in office.

– Mary Leftwich, Durango