A renaissance of being respectful

To the editor,

Last week, when a Women’s U.S Open tennis final was nearly over, a famous figure, Serena Williams, had a major tantrum with a longtime umpire. She called him a liar, demanded an apology that was not deserved, her racquet shattered once it hit the ground, screamed her head off, and more. All this disgusting behavior took place in front of her opponent, age 20, and a world-wide audience.

Serena should have been escorted off the court, by present USTA rules and regulations, but she got to finish with a minor punishment and commercials in which she makes money off of were heavily played right up to the Men’s final today.

In the early 1900s, when my father, Johnny Hope-Doeg, won major tennis tournaments, thankfully he was modest with no hordes of silver trophies littering our living room. Civility was a must on the court or face suspension or get kicked off the court forever. Obviously, now, if you are “bankable” you are given the royal treatment despite bad behavior.

Unfortunately, today in sports, politics and even in the school classroom (where teachers hands are tied if little Billy or Betty bullies), there needs to be a Renaissance of Respectful Behavior.

Remember the Golden Rule: treat the person in front of you like you want to be treated. I am so thankful for an upbringing that required respect for one another and was able to not stoop so low to scream back at someone who recently verbally abused me.

– Sally Florence, Durango