A Republican for Salka

To the editor,

I would like to urge everyone to consider voting for Matt Salka for county commissioner. As a registered Republican, this letter may seem a little outside the “lines.” However, I am confident that Matt has all of La Plata County in mind when making decisions. When Matt was the mayor of Bayfield, he truly cared about the community, and not party lines. He was there for the people and did what was best for the town. He will take those same values and bring that to the county level. While others will have to build relationships if elected, Matt can hit the ground running and continue his hard work for everyone in La Plata County. He brings knowledge and experience that will be an asset for us all. Matt has achieved many accomplishments for the Town of Bayfield at no additional cost to the residents. I have no doubt he will do what’s best for La Plata County. Vote Matt Salka for county commissioner.

– Justin Hogue, Bayfield