A story of Dicks and regular Janes

To the Editor,

In my third trimester of life as a grey-feathered-old owl, I am “ruffled” by the centuries-old extreme behavior of bad boys opening their short silk robes with a stogie hanging out of their mouths in front of gorgeous gals needing a job.

What gets me are the TV-starved attorneys, just recently, raking in millions from caught executives in high-profile positions. There are plenty of gals, no matter what they look like, needing a job or two or more that have faced the same predicament as hopeful starlets. Do the same attorneys representing “couched” starlets come to the rescue of a low-wager? No, or we would hear about it.

My own story is far worse than sexual assault. In the early 1970s, I worked two waitress jobs – one to supplement an ailing parent and the other for my own survival. In order to keep my job at a Greek-owned restaurant, I was encouraged to marry a friend of the boss, off the boat. A 6-foot tall hostess married a 5-foot guy, who later got “legal” before a divorce, without incident. So, what-the-heck? For job security I married, without any compensation other than having waitress shifts.

After Vietnam finally ended, there were boat loads of Asian war refugees entering the United States and a crack-down on people like me. I was looking at seven years behind bars. By the skin of my teeth, a “rare” attorney represented me free of charge, without strings attached, and by the Grace of God I did not do time.

The moral of the story is: Please God, let there be more attorneys like the one I had in the 1970s to help out the everyday hard-working Joe or Jane.

– Sally Florence, Durango