A voice for the independents

To the editor,

I’m not much for politics. Never have been. But I know it is important to vote, and I do.

I’m “unaffiliated” – a moniker I don’t love. Sounds like people who have no friends. No parties to attend. Turns out I have about 40 percent of the registered voters in La Plata County as friends. I’m affiliated with them … the unaffiliated voting population. The two-party system isn’t working. It’s divisive and dismisses the individual, the independent. Makes us feel like our vote doesn’t matter or will somehow take away a party candidate’s “right” to be in office because they have been grooming themselves for this moment for years.

It’s like a multiple-choice test that only has two answers to choose from – and neither is totally correct.

This has changed now with the 2020 county commissioner ballot. Jack Turner and Charly Minkler are Independent candidates because they worked their tails off to get on the ballot. They earned it. I know Jack Turner chose independence from the party system because he represents fairness and does not want to answer to any check writer, organization or party planners. He has real world experience and person-to-person listening skills, not a calculated resume to become a “politician.” Jack wants to serve individuals in this county. And whether you vote for him or not, when he is commissioner, he will do just that, because your voice matters to him.

And now, when we “unaffiliated” have the opportunity to have a couple candidates we can resonate with, we’re called “Trumpers,” which I find laughable because that is name-calling and a form of bullying – one of the very things Democrats hate about Trump. I’m not a Trumper just because I won’t vote Democrat. That’s ridiculous. I’m part of the unaffiliated majority in this county, and I’m excited to have Independent candidates I can add to the answers in that multiple-choice test in November.

To pull from the famous Apple ad of the ’80s: “To the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently. You can’t ignore them, they change things … they push the human race forward. The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world … are the ones who do. Thank you, Jack. Thank you, Charly.

– Nancy Brockman, Durango