A well-tailored political hypocrisy

To the editor,

Cuff links, you ever think about ‘em? Me neither. Not until I see some politician on Youtube preening around like a peacock with a hard-on wearing a custom-made shirt and cuff links, then I go straight to pissed.

Seems to me if politics is supposed to be about “the people,” it should be represented by “the people.” I don’t know anyone who wears custom-made shirts that take cuff links, probably because all the people I know are thrashing out a survival living that requires money be spent on the frivolities of food and shelter.

Now, I know that some of these “burros” had jobs before being elected, and if by careful money management they can afford custom-made shirts, cool. They don’t need their full salary $174,000+. Let’s vote that they donate two-thirds of their salary to feeding, clothing and housing children in this country. It’s funny that these “do-good” sumbitches that want you and me to pay more, more, more out of our seriously over-burdened budgets, will fight like hell, full of righteous indignation, about doing it themselves.

In light of the recent government shut down (which I didn’t know was going on until it was over) I would urge everyone, no matter what race, color, creed, sexual orientation or political party, to get on the internet machine with a calculator handy and do the math on what these cuff link-wearing predators and their staffs are costing the American public in salaries alone.

There is not a senator or congressman/woman that somewhere in their district a child doesn’t go to bed at night hungry and cold while they and their staff cost the people millions.

They should be ashamed, but they’re not.

In the words of Steve Goodman, “It was all that I could do, to keep from cryin,’ sometimes it seemed so useless to remain. You don’t have to call me ‘darlin,’ darlin.’ You never even called me by my name.”

– Tom James, somewhere between Bayfield and Ignacio