Admitting crisis is the first step

To the editor,

A psychological crisis is a life event that an individual perceives as stressful to the extent that normal coping mechanisms are insufficient. The first step in resolving a crisis is to admit that there is one, without which no progress can be made. The second step is to accept responsibility. The same steps apply to nations (read Upheaval by Jared Diamond).
Therefore, is our scientifically highly advanced country in a crisis when half a million U.S. deaths make up 25 percent of the world’s COVID fatalities despite having only 4 percent of the world’s population, and some people are still refusing to wear masks? Do we have a crisis when our country spends by far the most of any developed nation on health care, yet we are at the bottom in respect to outcomes? Do we have a crisis when we do not have the manufacturing capability to provide our health-care professionals with personal protection equipment? Finally, do we have a crisis when a mob invades our Capitol threatening our elected representatives and attempting to overturn verified election results while elected representatives support that effort? 
While the issues with our health-care system are not new, the COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the shortcoming of our health-care system. A functioning society needs competent government and public entities serving the common good. Are we, as a nation, but especially the Republican Party, finally willing to admit that we have a crisis and accept responsibility? As a society the somber choice is ours – “Divided we fall, united we stand.”
– Werner Heiber, Durango