Afghanistan exit botched

The proverbial finger-pointing amongst our politicians, the Pentagon, media and all the others who think they know all the answers as to what to do now in Afghanistan is mind-boggling. 
My biggest concern was all the attention paid to getting the American Embassy evacuated and not stopping the Taliban from releasing thousands of prisoners that were captured in Iraq/Syria/other places in the Middle East.
These freed prisoners are terrorists who will most likely  plan the next U.S. attack – like they did 20 years ago on Sept. 11, 2001, and support their evil plans with the No. 1 crop in Afghanistan for ages, poppy fields, which produce just about all of the world’s illicit heroin.
This last week of Afghanistan coverage is about as bad as what climate change has done to our world – or worse. It can only get better as we all hope and pray.
– Sally Florence, Durango