Aichele balances to the penny

To the editor,

I urge all voters to re-elect Allison Aichele as La Plata County Treasurer. Allison deserves to keep the job to ensure the continued effective operations of the treasurer’s office. She has the experience and knowledge of all the complex systems and has upgraded and improved the operations of the office producing the best possible results. She has the professional education and high-level financial management experience that her opponent lacks. It would be a huge mistake to change horses midstream given Allison’s strong leadership and quality performance heading the department. She has been unfairly maligned with trivial and outdated charges, and has proven by all financial audits that she has successfully managed this important department. Financial audits are done on the office annually by the county, as well as other entities’ auditors, such as school districts, cities and towns, etc. Under Allison’s leadership, all La Plata County accounts balance to the penny, confirmed by all the auditors. Please join me in voting to re-elect Allison Aichele for La Plata County Treasurer.

– Daniel Morgenstern, Durango