The dog, Sasha, confused
and cowering sniffs the soldier’s hand,
mewling for its owner.
A stuffed toy lies in the debris
which was once a home.
Bodies strewn like rag dolls
bloated in greening rains.
Entombed women, children 
gasping prayers 
under weighted rubble. 
Endless bombardment, 
endless destruction.
Hospitals, schools, universities, libraries,
supermarkets, parks, destroyed.
I witness all this,
incapacitated and fatigued.
Is this civilization in the 21st century?
Meanwhile, the suit and tie beast
berates his minions, 
who sheepishly kiss the anchor
of his sinking state.
If God be our witness,
may there be found
a lightning charge of justice
levied upon a soulless, 
mad despot,
quivering in his dreaded darkness.
– Burt Baldwin, Ignacio