Assessing the huge carbon footprint of your diet

To the editor,

With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, we are already reducing our carbon footprint during the pandemic by curtailing travel. But we can do so much more by cutting our consumption of animal meat and milk products. Yes, that.

A recent article in the journal Nature argues that animal agriculture is a major driver of climate change, air and water pollution, and depletion of soil and freshwater resources. Oxford University's prestigious Food Climate Research Network reports that solving the global warming catastrophe requires a massive shift to plant-based eating.

In an environmentally sustainable world, we must replace meat and dairy products with vegetables, fruits, and grains, just as we replace fossil fuels with wind, solar and other renewable energy sources.

We can begin with a one-minute NY Times food test at Then, let's celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day at our supermarket.

– Dante Gomez, Durango