Back to baseline, and then some

To the editor,

Thank you for the “Uncharted Waters” article in the April 26 edition describing the efforts of the Citizens Superfund Workgroup. There is however one important correction I’d like to make. The article states that one of the main goals of the group was to attain water quality conditions seen in 1999-2003. The actual goal is to at least attain water quality conditions seen in 1999-2003. This is the floor of what we would like to see. We know it is attainable from the time when Sunnyside Gold Corp. operated a treatment plant in Gladstone. We would like to do better, but how much better is undetermined until EPA finishes a comprehensive feasibility analysis. There is a concern that given the budgetary restrictions of the government agencies involved, there may be attempts to not meet those earlier water quality conditions in order to reduce costs.

– Peter Butler, Animas River Stakeholders