Best pick-me-up is helping others

To the editor,

For those that have the basics of a warm bed, bathroom and meals – count your lucky stars. Giving back to family and friends in an emergency will always be in us to do everywhere on Earth.

The “other people” in dire need, whom we do not know personally, are here in the USA, caravan asylum seekers and refugees from the Middle East (who rarely get coverage because of the hundreds of killed/jailed journalists), many more and last to be thought about seriously at the bottom rung.

All of the “other people” have their own personal story, either true or a desperate little lie that works to generate enough money for the ache in the belly.

Buddy, if you can spare a dime, here in our area, please think about Women’s Resource Center. A potluck every other month at the Rochester Hotel is where you can pitch in 35 bucks toward a group of local people needing a one-time chance for help.

If you got more to spare, do local and global giving year-around. Feels good, promise.

– Sally Florence, Durango