Beware candidates who won't share views

Across the country, school boards are being politicized and taken over by extreme conservatives waging culture wars. The movement is fueled by anger over mask mandates and a claim that parents should “take back” our schools from the educational professionals. There is a slate of candidates here in Durango trying to do just that. They are marketing themselves as “Building Durango’s Future,” but they aren’t being up front about their positions because they know they can’t win on them in Durango. They have been very careful not to share their opinions regarding vaccinations, mask mandates and education-related conspiracy theories, instead trying to gain votes by disparaging Durango’s school performance with lies and calls for “change.”

This group is supported by the same people who have recently disrupted school board meetings by refusing to wear masks despite the board’s stated policies. Please don’t be fooled by these candidates. Voting for them would imperil the progress our district hopes to make.

– Chris Blackshear, Durango