Biden accuser needs to step forward

To the editor,

Men are victimized every day by women. Men, in this new “me too movement,” are now, more than ever, less believed than women. I, personally, have an extensive past where many men did the unforgivable, yet I know of some women that are vicious with a cunningness that can spin an untrue story about anything to sound 100 percent believable.

Please allow the woman accusing presidential candidate Joe Biden of sexual assault, 27 years ago, to prove her case. At this point, supposedly four of the five people she allegedly told this to do not remember ever having this discussion about Joe Biden. One would remember such a conversation that long ago. The one person that said she remembers will not come forward, again supposedly.

Hopefully, everything about this alleged sexual act will be on the table and spelled out, without a doubt, as to what really happened, way before the November election.

– Sally Florence, Durango