Boebert serves only own interests

Here’s how Rep. Lauren Boebert, of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, represents (her) constituents. She not surprisingly takes a very partisan conservative stance but disguises it initially with an email subject line of “Fighting Wildfires and Droughts (6/30/21).” She then boasts of a censure bill against the president for “derelection” of duty at the border (I hope she spelled dereliction right in the bill). She also comes up with some interesting statistics of the “border crisis”… “Arrests for murder increased 1233%.” Another issue she’s championing is not supporting Critical Race Theory because 79% of her town hall meeting surveys said it should not be taught in public schools.

The EPA under Biden also is in her cross hairs as she does not support the Clean Water Act but clearly defines her position as “fighting for water rights” (to pollute our waters as profits necessitate?)

And then of course there are her religious views (and life choices) that are represented in not supporting Biden’s budget proposals as they do not specifically ban federal tax dollars from assisting poor people (think Medicaid) in abortion assistance. As a pregnant teen high school drop-out, perhaps she thinks this course in life should be protected via keeping other women from making different choices?

Finally, on fires and droughts, “As a proud member of the Committee on Natural Resources,” Boebert did mention that she “ensured the proper resources are being deployed.” She also mentioned plans to work on an “active forest management plan,” which I’m pretty sure already exists if she were to check with the U.S. Forest Service.

So, in case you’d like to follow her progressive work in Congress, make sure to catch her “mobile office hours” at a remote rural town near you, or there’s the Durango office at: 835 E. 2nd Ave., Suite 204, phone: (970) 317-6130.

– Tim Thomas, Durango