Build picket fences, not walls

To the editor,

Nancy Pelosi has joked about “The $1 Wall” she’d support or 2,000 miles of a hippy-beaded wall. Kidding aside, security costs for our government will increase substantially, even with a $100 billion steel wall, if the Democrats “scream Uncle.”

Why not have our government give parcels along the border to U.S. military coming home from overseas, homeless vets – sky’s the limit – on which to build their homes with red, white and blue picket fences? Anyone from Mexico would think twice about scaling a picket fence, uninvited, where gun-trained homeowners live.

Better yet, why not have picnic areas every few miles on the border for everyone, including children. The U.S. and Mexican folks could share in pot lucks and save mucho bucks in security!

– Sally Florence, Durango