Bungled roll-out will cost lives

To the editor,

When the third COVID-19 vaccine phase arrives for my age group, the wait will be longer if our government doesn’t get its act together.

Warp Speed did produce an abundance of approved vaccines, but the management of getting 20 million vaccinated, promised by the end of 2020, did not happen. The disappointing number was just over 4 million injections, and many of the vials delivered throughout the United States had to be disposed of due to refrigeration requirements and other goof-ups.

Again, management of getting 20 million vaccinated by the end of 2020 did not happen as promised. Please, read again, as all of us are exposed and weary to redundancy, such as the responsibility of wearing masks... 

We the Everyday People are entitled to the same pricey medications the extremely rich get in hospitals in order to not die from COVID-19.  

We the People, rich or poor, must insist on timely COVID-19 vaccinations.

 If 200 million annual flu shots are readily available, there is absolutely no excuse for this deadly pandemic to have more years to foolishly kill us off.

– Sally Florence, Durango