Challenging the dominant culture

I want to thank Shan Wells for having the vision to step down and make way for the diverse voices we have in our community, which have been ignored for too long. I also want to thank Kayla Shaggy and the Telegraph for having the courage to give voice to a much-needed critique on the “Chief” sign. It has been quite depressing to read the letters to the editor condemning the cartoon. Gregory Moore’s post in last week’s Telegraph was refreshing. There is a reactionary tendency bordering on arrogance from a dominant community when they are criticized. They feel they are being unjustly attacked.
A chief is a social and spiritual leader of a tribe. For an outsider to think it is OK to use a cartoonish rendering 4 of an esteemed native icon to advertise a commercial venture should give us all pause. Many have said that the Clarks should be able to do whatever they want on “their” land. Remember that the lands we are living on were stolen from Native Americans not very long ago. Dominant culture is too quick to claim it knows the only truth, then discounting and attacking when others challenge them.
Racism is a sad fact of our history and present. Don’t blame us because we are making you feel uncomfortable for calling it out. The fact is that people of color are no longer willing to remain quiet while we endure inequality and second-class status of this great nation.
– Dale E Robinson, Bayfield