Children of the borderland

Cross the chihuahua’s freezing nights,
Sonora’s blistered desert sands.
Mothers holding tight to swaddled babies,
Fathers clenched to tiny hands.
Dreaming dreams of lives of freedom;
Go the children of the borderland.
Fences, walls, and rivers
Cold and swift and running wide.
People chased toward the open arms of justice;
Train top nights gone freezing by!
Gone to lands their father’s father s once possessed.
No time to wait, no time to cry.
Huddled masses breathing free,
Coyotes steal into the night.
The walk to freedom’s long,
It’s a deadly desperate flight!
With a baby in your arms,
Escape your homeland’s gruesome plight.
Dark money troops and weapons,
Pushed a fat cat’s greedy will!
Chaos births the gangs who target children,
Forcing them to kill!
We sowed the seeds of chaos
From fascists’ greedy hands.
The White House spins its circles,
Gives them all that they demand!
Now a mother and her son
Leave a world of fear behind.
Traveling toward the light of love and solace,
A vision etched onto their minds.
A vision full of promise,
From a land grown dark and blind!
California, clear to Texas;
Between the Arizona sands.
They suffer Santa Anna’s thievery!
The fascists forced a treaty, a military stand!
North to Colorado’s ribboned canyons,
These were once the people’s land.
Remember us to the ones who lived there.
They paved the way, they took a stand.
Crossed the peaceful Gila,
And they swam the Rio Grande.
Bless their passing with a welcome,
The sweet children of the borderland!

– David Singer, Durango