Chipping at Trump's gilded facade

To the editor,

Dennis Pierce’s bit of petty ridicule aimed at your excellent political cartoonist Shan Wells (5/2/19) reflects a sad reality I’ve noticed amongst Trump lovers. All their talking points are built upon fabricating ridicule and dismissal by reframing their self-made enemies into straw men for easy burning. But, it provides me with an opportunity to explain the Trump Thing from this liberal’s perspective.

My pal believes liberals are just over the top with their “hatred” for Trump. Don’t suppose he’d ever let himself imagine that it’s what Trump stands for that’s our problem? Not that there isn’t plenty about the person himself to turn the stomach of any freedom-loving rationalist.

Let’s consider the pre-election decades. First we saw a shameless, lying self-promoting narcissist. A man-child whose self-esteem was so rotten he needed a gold-plated apartment and toilet to salve his ego. But it wasn’t enough. He needs everyone to know about it.

He was all Me First and he couldn’t care less about anything but his self-interest. Trump’s promises and contracts were made to be broken, he ran businesses into the ground, and he turned bankruptcy into a braggadocious filled profit driver. He never showed showing scruples or empathy toward the honest workers he was robbing out of their fair pay – all the while obsessing over getting his face into the papers.

Then the election years. Trump builds his political base upon hatred and an obvious lie – one that’s about as dirty, underhanded, racist and ruthlessly malicious as it gets – denying President Obama’s citizenship, though the physical proof of Obama’s birth in Hawaii is overwhelming to all who’ve investigated. Add to that he knows little to nothing about our government, except that he despises it.

Then listening to Trump talk, it’s nothing but rambling lines of nonsense. Telling his audience what they want to hear, regardless of the actual reality surrounding the issues. Turns out he lies incessantly, even about stuff he doesn’t need to lie about. But Trumpsters love him and that he’s a lie factory matters not a wit. Why? They like what they hear? Me First, then fear and hatred toward all others. Is that it?

Look at the way he pretends to be Christian, why isn’t  that phoniness recognizable by the faithful? Why don’t they care? Me thinks because ethics, morality, honesty actually doesn’t mean squat to them! Dreams of personal prosperity, that’s the key to their Evangelical faith! Now, Trump’s Me First has them cheering on the transformation of Our America into Their Theocracy.

Then the money and the Russians. Turns out Trump lost a billion dollars during the rah rah ’80s and ’90s, when everyone else with money was making more of it. Still his line of credit seems endless. Where does that come from? Especially after he became persona non-gratis at all the New York banks? Yeah, we know, it came from DeutscheBank. The same DeutscheBank that got busted for that huge Russian money-laundering scheme. Look it up.

From all Trump says and does, it’s obvious he despises American principles of pluralism, democracy, fair play, three branch balance of power, honesty and constructive debate. Me First seems as far as his vision goes.

A budding totalitarian who makes mortal enemies out of anyone who disagrees with him. He is absolutely self-certain but educationally and historically about as stupid as they come. A text book example of Dunning-Kruger if there ever was. It’s all about facade.

Well OK, that’s going too far, there is substance to Trump – his predatory skills and passion for no-holds barred dirty fighting. Is that why the Christian right worships Trump? Oh and that little matter of trusting and believing in Russia’s Putin more than the USA’s national security apparatus? Doesn’t bother them in the least? Why? There’s more, but do you care?

– Peter Miesler, Durango