Christian, female and pro-choice

To the Editor,

Commenting on Bill Vana’s letter to the editor (Telegraph, Sept. 20) he gives the very reason we do not need religion involved in our country’s politics. As a Christian my whole life, I cannot believe the “so called men of God” are backing an immoral, narcissistic, liar, con man, circus clown as our current president. Do you truly, in your heart, believe he is a Christian?

The abortion issue is the one and only reason they back him. May I ask these “men of God” what happened to “judge not,” compassion and forgiveness for the women who are facing one of the most difficult decisions they will ever have to make? These pastors have their congregations believing all women are using abortion as a birth control method ... which is as big a lie as our president tells when he says he believes in a God. His God is money and his daughter.

When a woman who is facing this decision and decides to go ahead with the procedure, these men are condemning her to a possible death sentence and the opportunity to later “repent,” as they so frequently spout in their sermons. The God I know will forgive them, and that child they aborted will nevertheless be in the arms of Jesus the moment his or her life is gone. More than likely it will be better than a life here on Earth, where who knows what would have happened to that little person. I’ve seen enough children who were abused and neglected to know their life is forever in chaos because they were unwanted.

I know I will hear a chorus of people saying “adoption”... well where are you, are you ready to give that baby a home, help out the mother in her hour of need or be there for a woman who has more than she can care for and a husband who is a terrible husband and father and will abuse this child?

Who will cast the first stone, step forward all who judge. Think about what Jesus meant when he
said, “Judge not lest you be judged.” Let them all step forward, cowards that they are, these men of God who are so against places like Planned Parenthood, which truly does try to give all the information for choices to these women. Step up, look your God in the eye, and explain to Him who loves these women as much or more than you, that your plan is to condemn them to death.

– Pat Akers, Bayfield