Clamp down on crime

Police departments in major cities, even in Durango, will more than likely take a report after thieves are gone with merchandise worth up to $100,000 or more. Photo ops from powers-that-be that make unrealistic promises in keeping law and order does not cut it.

A costly yet effective solution would be to keep the thief or thieves inside the store with their bags of loot. State-of-the-art systems to lock-down doors and windows that can’t be shot out are possible in this day and age. A back entry into each department store/gallery could allow SWAT to show up and take out those holding bags of stolen goodies.

We need professional law enforcement and savvy people to use their own common sense to protect their homes and businesses. And please, Washington D.C. lawmakers, don’t encourage under age trigger-happy wanna be “patrollers,” such as Kyle Rittenhouse (acquitted recently from killing two people), with a mother who deserved jail time for ignoring the legal importance of a curfew and obviously lacks other parenting skills.

– Sally Florence, Durango