Clean air or more pollution

We have come so far. Just a few years ago, members of the LPEA Board of Directors were openly pro-fossil fuels. Today, even the most conservative candidates acknowledge the negative effect continued pollution has on clean air and fire risk. 

However, only some candidates will truly work to implement a new path to zero emissions with no rate4

increase. Others either don’t have the skills, the knowledge or the inclination to move to locally generated sustainable energy. 

Your vote could mean the difference between clean air with a thriving local economy or a step backwards toward more pollution and a missed economic opportunity.    

Ted Compton is the right choice for District 3. As an engineer, he has the technical skills that will go missing when Britt Bassett leaves the board. As a parent and community member, he has the commitment to do what is right for the environment while keeping costs low.   

Tim Wheeler (no relation to me) is the right choice for District 4. Tim is a proven board member and a tireless advocate for cost-effective and sustainable solutions. 

A single vote could mean the difference in this election. Previous LPEA races have been decided by as few as 27 votes. This is the moment where your sole vote could be the difference for future generations.   

If your LPEA ballot is still sitting on your counter, please take a moment to fill in a vote for Ted Compton, Tim Wheeler or Mark Walser. Your grandchildren will thank you.

– Jessica Wheeler, Durango