Cleaner vision of Colorado's future

To the editor,

I appreciate Rep. Scott Tipton’s concerns for reducing large volumes of pollution throughout the world, recently expressed in his article “We Must Utilize Western Colorado’s Vast Natural Resources.” He makes the case for future increases in natural gas extraction and transporting it via pipeline and shipping to Asia, adding that this strategy would increase Colorado jobs and our economic prosperity.

Colorado is also blessed with vast natural resources of sunshine, wind and outdoor recreational opportunities. The renewable energy industry and outdoor recreational industries are growing faster and producing more new jobs and income than the natural gas industry, at far less harm to the environment. To further develop more clean energy matches the criteria that Tipton hopes for: economic growth and prosperity, utilizing Colorado’s vast natural resources, and protecting the environment while minimizing pollution.

I am hoping Tipton will show the same passion and leadership for promoting clean renewable energy that he has for developing further natural gas extraction. His endorsement of clean energy can serve as a role model for other congressmen and communities sharing our same natural resource mix. Tipton’s leadership could send a strong signal that acknowledges renewable energy’s evolving role and advantages for our community’s economic wellbeing and safety. Utilizing our clean natural resources can be a trend that all parties embrace and facilitate.

– Louise van Vonno, Durango