Climate bills smart political move

To the editor,

Reps. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Penn.) just introduced an innovative carbon pricing bill: The Market Choice Act. This represents a huge step forward in the conversation about carbon pricing as a market-based solution to reduce our carbon emissions and address our warming climate. This is the first GOP-led carbon pricing legislation proposed in over a decade.

“While there are still some deniers out there, most Americans today understand that climate change caused by human activity is a reality that must be addressed,” Curbelo said. “I remind my conservative colleagues who often decry our nation’s growing debt, saddling young Americans with a crushing environmental debt – meaning an unhealthy planet where life is less viable – is at least as immoral as leaving behind an unsustainable fiscal debt.”

The advantage of GOP-led legislation is that they can take the reins now in leading on climate change solutions that are market based. That means less government oversight and less regulation, while maintaining the loyalty of the millennial generation, who are very concerned about climate change affecting their future quality of life. I encourage Rep. Scott Tipton to join these Republicans in creating policy on GOP terms while the party is in control.

– Jan Dahlquist, Durango