Climate change and the election

To the editor,

“Climate Change is not a hoax. It is real and it is a fire-breathing dragon blowing fire at our doors” – Terry Tempest Williams.

Nearly 60 percent of Americans are “alarmed” or “concerned” about climate change. And it is on the ballot. Nov. 3 is your chance to take decisive climate action by electing leaders at every level of government who understand the urgency of acting now to forestall even worse climate impacts. 

Do other issues matter more to you? Think twice, because climate change is a threat multiplier. Economic recovery? What happens when the next “biggest” wildfire comes again to La Plata County? The pandemic? Climate change makes emergence of new diseases ever more likely. Health care? Climate change itself is a public health challenge. Racial equality? Poor urban and rural communities, especially communities of color, fare worse in a changing climate – as they have in the pandemic.

Locally, climate change threatens agriculture, water supplies and forest health – key elements of La Plata County’s economy. 

Under Democratic leadership, Colorado is addressing the issue; under Republicans, Washington has stalled (“it’s happening, but it’s not us” or “I’m not a scientist”). Take responsibility for climate leadership: elect Democrats.

– Dick White, Durango