Coming out of the Trump closet

To the editor,

I am responding to Bill Vana’s recent letter regarding President Trump’s “cult” following.

The letter offered a stereotypical description of someone who supports the president. I have been to two Trump rallies and have spoken to the people attending, and many of them do not meet Vana’s description of an all-white, all-male “Fox-news-watching-only” radical.

In 1993, I graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Journalism, and I value my education and the foundational principle of unbiased news reporting. I find the treatment of the president to be embarrassing. The president is unfairly treated by the vast majority of news outlets. Vana’s editorial mirrors this sentiment and depicts a cult of radical, racist xenophobes who follow the president mindlessly.

I am a successful female business owner who would like to see the president succeed because I want America to succeed. I do not vote on party lines, I vote for winners, and Trump is a winner. Trump’s business success cannot be denied, he became a very popular reality TV show star in a highly competitive field, and most importantly he won the presidency.

My 401K has appreciated 55 percent since his election, and it is clear that President Obama shares no credit, respectively. I cannot find a friend who is unemployed. Many of my friends have started a business after Trump’s election. I actually even think my dogs are happier since the election, just joking, they are happier, though :). I am writing this letter to tell fellow Trump supporters it is OK to come out of the closet and stand up against radical liberals. Our country is winning, so quit your cry babying, Vana, and join the anti-resistance majority.

– Jennifer McCoy, Durango