Corona Haikus

Winged Hope

Springtime butterfly
Powered by wings, pushed by wind

Don’t Stand so Close to Me

Leave some safety space
It’s like dominos falling,
Stop before it starts

Durango Dilemma

Out paddle boarding
It seems way too frivolous Y
et so essential

Stitch in Time

Making PPE’s
Betty Ross sewed stars and stripes
Are masks our new flag?

How it Spreads

Think teen-ager’s socks
First just two, then a floor full
Exponential growth

Wise Gander

Social distant goose
To me, that is not silly
Do not flock, people


Swallow coffee first
Before checking Facebook posts
Keep your face mask dry

Postcards from Home

Still sheltered in place
We are all local tourists
A long stay-cation

First Responders

Get them what they need
Guardian angels in scrubs
Save their lives for us


Power to flower
Hope flutters on silken wings
First spring butterfly

– Karen Carver, Durango