County officials turn a deaf ear

To the editor,

It should come as no surprise that only 15 people attended the county’s 2018 budget meeting on Tues., Oct. 17. First and foremost, 4 p.m. is not a good time for anyone who may have wanted to attend. I suspect that 80-90 percent of county taxpayers are either still at work or shuffling their kids to activities while, at the same time, trying to put supper on the table. Also, it may have helped to post it in the Oct. 21-22 weekend edition of the Herald.

Thirdly, why bother going to the meeting when they do not listen anyway? We continue to express our concerns yet the administrators choose to not listen. They just keep doing what they want even after these issues have been brought to their attention. I have noted their abuse of taxpayer dollars before and have yet to receive a response or explanation.

Mr. Zauberis was right, plain and simple. The actions of the county administrators serve to justify our perception that reveals poor budget planning strategies time and again.

And lastly, congratulations to Chuck Stevens for his selection as the new assistant county manager. Perhaps he could assist the general service director and his associates regarding honesty, integrity, respect, stewardship, accountability and dedication to public service.

– Jeff Pratt, Durango