Cut the slackliner some slack

To the editor,

On a recent postcard Durango Sunday morning (well, a little hazy) I looked up from a walk up Horse Gulch and saw a young man “walking in the sky” on a slack line spanning the gateway into the Gulch.  I stopped to pick up my jaw – and watch. Even mountain bikers stopped (rare) to see what caught my attention. It is such a novelty to see this, and on other days, paragliders in our skies. Seeing this brought such a playfulness to my heart – a light in all the darkness that the news and pandemic bring. My neighbor was out running when the slacker finished his morning “air walk” and she had a chance to chat with him. She said he had a bright heart and playful spirit when sharing with her that he received a “cease and desist” order and that he’d no longer be doing this at Horse Gulch.

My heart dropped ... but wasn’t caught by a safety line. Perhaps there’s good safety or “public health” reasons to this prohibition. But I’m in agreement with another one of your readers who wrote in about the loud motorcycles. I’d rather see efforts containing that instead.

– Cynthia Billings, Durango