Dancing with the wolves

To the editor,

Last weekend we attended an amazing performance by Lost Walks at the Powerhouse. In conjunction with the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, Lost Walks, a collection of talented musicians and dancers, conveyed through “music, movement and collaboration for conservation,” a story about a wolves.

The music was powerful. The dancing was incredible. Every expression, every gesture, every muscle of the dancers conveyed the thoughts and actions of the characters. The costumes completed the characters artfully. The whole effect was haunting.

Jen GaNum, the director, sang and narrated beautifully. One of the musicians produced a wide range of vocals and narrative. Each of the other musicians performed outstandingly as well.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I hope many get to see. What better tribute to animals that are critical to Colorado’s well-being.

– Joel and Marianne Pearlman, Durango